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Lire Comprehensive Vocational College

Lire Comprehensive Vocational College is providing vocational training for youth in Kajo-keji County empowering them to better meet there needs and responsibilities now and into the future. Graduates of the college will be in a better position to contribute to the local economy and participate in the building of their new nation.

Project funding, through CIDA and the Saskatchewan Government will end in 2012.  At that time the buildings and administration of the college were to be turned over to the local authorities.  However, it seems that the challenges facing the newly independent Republic of South Sudan are great and the state will not be in a position to support the college financially at that time. Financial support for, the upkeep of the college, teaching materials and teacher salaries will have to come from outside sources at least for the near future.

The SSHADA organization is requesting your donation to enable us to continue to support the positive benefits of this project until the people and government of South Sudan are able to fund it themselves.

Posted 06/09/2012
South Sudan Dance Night with the Spent Penny Band

Saturday, June 16th 7:30 PM

Join us for a night of fun and celebration in support of our Lire Comprehensive Vocational College project.  Come dance and enjoy Spent Penny's energetic and upbeat sound.

Cosmo Senior’s Center, 614 - 11th Street East.  Tickets $10.  For tickets or information call Senos at 241-3517 or Vincent at 975-2065.  Pizza and African samosas for sale.  Beer, wine and non-alchoholic beverages available.



Posted 06/09/2012
South Sudan's Post-Independence Challenges a talk by the Rt. Rev. Dr. Anthon Poggo

Thursday, June 14th 7:30 PM

SSHADA and St. John’s Cathedral Outreach present a talk by the Rt. Rev. Dr. Anthony Poggo, Bishop of Kajo-Keji diocese, South Sudan.    

South Sudan became an independent state on July 9th, 2011, but the scars of a long running civil war with the North remain.  The new state faces enormous challenges in building the new nation and re-building infrastructure that was destroyed in the civil war.  The question remains as to whether South Sudan will be able to achieve a sustainable peace and overcome these current and future challenges.

St. John's Anglican Cathedral Hall, 816 Spadina Crescent East.  For information call Senos 241-3517 or Klaus 343-6791.  Free Admission.  Tax receipts provided for donations over $10.00.  Refreshments will be served

About the Rt. Rev. Dr. Anthony Poggo 

Bishop Poggo’s diocese in the Episcopal Church of Sudan comprises 58 parishes with approximately 150,000 members.  Born in Kajo-Keji county South Sudan, he is known as a champion of change, social justice and positive community development in and outside the church.  With a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, England,  and a B.Sc. in Public Administration and Management from the University of Juba, Bishop Poggo is a specialist in business, public and church administration and has a wealth of experience working in a wide range of development and church ministry programs.


Posted 11/20/11
Trip to the Republic of South Sudan

Report by Mr. Senos Robert Timon President/CEO - SSHADA

From August 3rd to 29th 20111, Mr. Senos Robert Timon, SSHADA President/CEO and Assistant project superintendent headed the second official project monitoring and evaluation trip into the Republic of South Sudan with a delegation of three people to visit the project in Lire Payam Kajo-Keji County, Central Equatoria State.


The delegates were; Dr. John Fryters, Chakam President/CEO and Project superintendent and Jess Camalari, personal assistant to Dr. John Fryters.


During the visit seven (7) meetings were conducted with the following groups; College administration/ instructors, SSHADA/Chakam field staff, students, community elders, Green and alternative technologies workshop participants and County Education Officials. The aim of the above meetings was to discuss the sustainability plan and various aspects of the college and evaluate the project activities by engaging the direct and indirect beneficiaries in meaningful discussion to determine the progress, challenges and way forward of the college and the project. The outcome of the meetings and the trip can be described as fruitful and rewarding

On August 23rd, we had an official inauguration of the Comprehensive Vocational College. It was an all day and evening event with visits and speeches of dignitaries, a full tour of the college facilities, raising of the national flags (Republic of South Sudan & Canada) and cultural activities.


On August 24th, Dr. John Fryters conducted “Trauma Counseling Training", a very much needed skills set for teachers, counselors, clergy, social workers, etc.  Nineteen individuals attended, 12 had also attended last year. This training was a continuation of last year.


Life is returning to normal in the Republic of South Sudan and people have high hopes for the new Government of the new country, the Republic of South Sudan. Although challenges are enormous, some progress has been made in restoring security and some basic services etc.  For the first time, a bridge connecting Juba and Kajo-Keji has been built making transport between Juba and Kajo-Keji easier.   


I am humbled by the generous support of Saskatchewan people, the nation, and our partners, your contribution is truly making diffidence.


Thank You


Mr. Senos Robert Timon at Lire Comprehensive Vocational Monument inauguration monument

Posted 07/02/11
SSHADA holds its 2011 AGM

SSHADA held its 2011 Annual General Meeting, Saturday June 11, 2011 at the Saskatoon Open Door Society.  A new board of directors was elected. Board responsibilities are as follows:

  • Mr. Senos Timon - President and CEO

  • Mr. Vincent Colistro - Vice President

  • Dr. Lado Kenyi - Secretary

  • Mr. Gadeet Wakou -Treasurer

  • Dr. Ben Daniel -  Strategic Planning & Programs

  • Mr. Peter Macdonald - Public Relations & Communications

2011 Board of Directors, from left to right, Vincent Colistro, Lado Kenyi, Gadeet Wakou, Ben Daniel, Senos Timon and Peter MacDonald


Posted 10/16/10
Finished building blocks for Lire Comprehensive Vocational College

Finished workshop block.

Posted 10/16/10
Trip to Southern Sudan

Report by Mr. Senos Robert M.Timon President/CEO - SSHADA

The delegation from Canada in front of the White Nile at Juba

From July 15th to 29th 2010, SSHADA President/CEO Mr. Senos Robert Timon headed the first official trip into Southern Sudan with a delegation of five people to visit a project in Lire Payam Kajo-Keji County, South Sudan. The delegates are; Dr. John Fryters from Chakam School of the Bible in Prince Albert, SSHADA main project partner, Denise McDonald from the Saskatchewan Council for International Cooperation (SCIC), James Klassen, from Klassen Therapy and Professional Training in Prince Albert and Angela Hill, from Prince Albert Daily Herald. This project is financed by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), the Saskatchewan Government, and local donations, is a joint project between the Southern Sudan Humanitarian Action Development Agency (SSHADA) and CHAKAM School of the Bible in Prince Albert ....read more

Posted 04/19/10
New building block for Lire Comprehensive College

Work is progressing well on the first of two additional building blocks for Lire Comprehensive College.  Funding for this construction is being provided by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and the Saskatchewan Government.


Posted 03/08/10
Published on December 16th, 2009 Angela Hill
From central Saskatchewan to Southern Sudan

John Fryters, left, SSHADA CEO Senos Timon, right, and Agnes Skornicz from CIDA meet Tuesday to discuss detail about a joint venture to Sudan.

Herald photo by Angela Hill

PRINCE ALBERT – The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) announced funding Tuesday for a partnership between two organizations working in Southern Sudan.

"It's important for people to understand that people (here) are really becoming involved in international relations ... there is a real interest in Prince Albert to reach out to the world," said John Fryters, director of CHAKAM School of the Bible Inc., based in Prince Albert.

CHAKAM, a development agency, is working with the Saskatoon-based Southern Sudan Humanitarian Action Development Agency (SSHADA) to expand a school in Lire, Southern Sudan into a fully accredited post-secondary polytechnic institution.

Posted 03/07/10

SSHADA-CHAKAM Project for Lire Comprehensive College Underway

A contract for the construction of two four room building blocks for Lire Comprehensive College has been signed.  The contract is signed by representitves of the SSHADA-CHAKAM partnership and the contractor Mr. Tombek Chaplain Jibi.


Posted 02/27/10

SSHADA Partners with CHAKAM School of the Bible

SSHADA and CHAKAM School of the Bible Inc. of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan sign a memorandum of understanding to co-operate on the Lire Comprehensive College Project.  Due in large part to the valuable help of Dr. John Fryters, CHAKAM's CEO, the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and the Government of Saskatchewan will be providing monetary support for the project.



Left to right ..Dr. John Fryters, Dr. Lado Kenyi, and Mr. Senos Timon

The mission of the Southern Sudan Humanitarian Action Development Agency is to help the people of Southern Sudan in the rebuilding of war-torn communities and to facilitate sustainable community development initiatives that will help the people to become economically self reliant.

Mission Objectives

  • To support the people of Southern Sudan in the creation of necessary infrastructure and in enhancing their capacity for self-sufficiency.

  • To raise awareness of the plight of the people of Southern Sudan and their efforts to rebuild their war-torn communities, in Canada and internationally.

  • Facilitating the provision of information on international development and public education about global issues and networking with other organizations.



There is no better investment in the future of a country than in the education of its people. So many children are scattered in the displaced areas in Southern Sudan. With the influx of refugees returning back to Southern Sudan, the few schools left after the war lack funding and resources. SSHADA's first priority is to provide basic education to these children.



Rebuilding a war-torn land will be a long and difficult process. SSHADA is committed to building a strong infrastructure and to helping the people become self-reliant economically. Through development these children will have more access to education and a secure future.

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Southern Sudan Humanitarian Action Development Agency Inc. (SSHADA) is a non-profit corporation, based in Saskatchewan Canada.
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